This is my wishlist, in an order that somewhat reflects importance

  • Lumber: 2 x 4’s, 1/2″ ply, 5/8″ ply any sizes as much or as cheap as possible
  • Windows: small windows, ones that crank open ones with screens.  Maximum would probably be about 1′ or 2′ by 1′ to 3′ ish.
  • Aluminum flashing for underside of floor.
  • Pallets
  • Insulation (I have a bunch of fiberglass that might get a wall done or two): Fiberglass in good shape, natural fiber stuff is good too, for the floor I am looking for polystyrene board
  • Spray foam insulation (small kit or large)
  • House wrap
  • Rough cut new or old barn board for siding.  Or clapboard or shingles.
  • 15# roofing felt
  • Composting toilet
  • Woodstove (small)
  • Corrugated galvanized roofing material
  • Bar sink
  • Propane stove/oven combo (like would be in an RV or maybe a boat?)
  • Mini fridge (e.g. like you had in your dorm with all of your heady stickers on it)
  • Shower
  • Solar panels, resources, information
  • DIY wind turbine kits, materials, resources, information
  • Wiring
  • Outlet boxes
  • Copper piping or that plastic piping everyone is using for water
  • On-demand propane water heater (or resources for solar hot water, but that would be not very good in the winter)
  • A water crock
  • deep cycle batteries for storing solar or wind energy
  • Labor (beer and burgers provided by djk)
  • Phish tickets (Hartford, SPAC, Jones Beach, Telluride with a flight)
  • Old clawfoot bathtub or a one of those oval-shaped metal troughs for horses for greywater treatment
  • Money

12 responses to “Wishlist

  1. Peter Mellen

    I’m in

  2. Mom

    Mrs. Logue mentioned that she has a dorm fridge in her garage. Would you like me to get the dimensions?

  3. Mom

    The Easter Bunny would like to bring you the water crock – should that include a lid and a stand?

  4. momma mell

    count us in for a bar sink for a graduation present … your choice!

  5. Grant Wagner

    Information is always free:

    DIY Windmill (small, easy): http://www.velacreations.com/chispito.html

    DIY Windmill (big, harder, more expensive, with kits): http://www.otherpower.com/

    Search arround both of those sites, they are full of great information. The Chispito can be built easily, getting the motor from a creigs list freebee treadmill, and scalvanging the pipe from a construction site. I did so, and it was a fun project, but only to find that my site doesn’t have enough wind to turn the machine without me investing a lot more into my tower that I want to.

    Good luck on all of it.

  6. Grant Wagner

    Also as a PS, batteries. the Trojans are great, but expensive. For a really small system, get a single Deep cycle 12V Marine battery ($75 from a major discount retailer ;). They are great for a start, with a good price per watt/hour of storage ratio. Their biggest limit is that they are limited to about 30 amps draw, which for a small system should be fine.

    For a little more investiment, go with standard golf cart batteries. You need to use them in pairs, and they are a good deal more expensive than the deep cycle above, but a good pair can take a beating and still last forever.

    Look arround for refurbished batteries. You can save a ton.

  7. Chanin

    Hey there! I love your blog and the information you’re sharing. My boyfriend and I are building a tiny house on a 20 ft. trailer right now, as well. I saw your wish list and felt compelled to tell you to consider building your own compost toilet. It is very easy. Check out the read: “The Humanure Handbook”, by Joseph Jenkins. We’re in Portland, Oregon, by the way. I’ll keep checking up on you!

    • Thanks for the comment! I do have that book, and I’ve been doing a simple bucket routine lately, but I will pursue something a little more sophisticated once I get a bathroom in the house. Good luck with your project!

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