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I can see through the lines

I corrected the floor layout to coincide with the cross ribs on the trailer.  The joists are never wider than about 20 or so inches, which should be OK since some folks frame 24″ OC.  Any thoughts on this?  It appears there should be more framing under things like the shower in other people’s plans.


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Floor Framing

This is the framing for the floor. It is created here with true rough cut 2 x 4’s and not milled, planed, dimensional 2×4’s (1.5 x 3.5’s). Anyway, it’s my first real attempt at Google Sketchup, and I think it went pretty well. Still a lot to learn.

The dark lines are where the floor sheathing plywood would hit every 4 feet.    The studs are 16″ OC usually, except the one in the middle is like 21″ or something.  It’s just so that it hits the sheathing, which is a good thing.

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Trailer has been trailed and dropped.

The trailer was dropped off yesterday.  It’s an old RV trailer without an RV, which is really convenient for me.

The trailer “cost” $350 on paper.  The coupler needed to be added and a new jack, too.  The coupler and the jack were $30 each, and to put them both on it cost another $112.50.  To have it hauled by, essentially, a tow truck about 35 miles was $157.50 ($90/hour).  Doing it this way I didnt need to get a Bill of Sale or register it or get the brakes checked out or lights put on it, but I will have to do that eventually so I think I just wasted a bit of money.  I had ~$3000 budgeted for the trailer, so either way I saved, but if I had known I would have done a little more and paid the costs that I’ll end up paying soon.  In total, the trailer set me back $704.58.


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