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That’s why I always leave it laying out on the floor.

With the help of Kristen’s dad, we redesigned the house a bit.  We’ll be putting the sliding door/stationary windows together over the wheel well, and that will be where the kitchen table lives.  We’ll be putting other windows on the left and right of the slider windows and we may or may not put a slider window on the east wall (the right wall in the image).  We may just move the door to the middle and have windows on either side.  It would be nice to move that slider on the right wall out of there so that wood stacking is a possibility in the winter, but the wood may even be too close to the wood stove.  We’ll have to see once the space is actually physically existing.  There will be windows on the north side, too, over the kitchen counter.  The darker brown blocks are where the lofts will be.  The loft for sleeping will be about 8×8 and the storage loft over the wood stove will be something like 8×2 or so.  We thought the door should open out in this design, since, if it opened in, it necessitates that radius of space to open, which could get annoying.  There will likely be more shelving too.  Clothing storage will be a creative activity.

We also decided that a shed style roof (one that slopes from high to low from the south wall down to the north wall) would be better than a gable roof.  The plans I have have those measurements all laid out for a shed roof, and it’s legal for clearance etc. under bridges.  It would also reduce the cuts on the tin roofing that Kristen’s dad is giving us, which apparently is loud, full of shrapnel, and unpleasant.

I want to put a little porch roof over the door, either way (that is, either way that it opens), for snow and rain, and to put things out there to dry, and stuff.  That is a minor detail.  Cross that bridge when we come to it.



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