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Followed the lines going south

This is the wall that will be facing south.  The two big openings are for modified sliding glass door panels that will be generously donated by the Foulk/Wasserman contingent for whom Kristen and I are house and dog sitting.

The one on the right (east) will be fixed in place, just like a normal window.  The one on the left (west) will be a sliding door much like you’d see on a barn, with the track and pulley looking things.  That way in the summer, it can be open allowing in some air, and a door to walk through.  In the summer, this wall will likely face north, which is the great thing about a house that’s on wheels.  You can turn it as the weather changes.


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I can see through the lines

I corrected the floor layout to coincide with the cross ribs on the trailer.  The joists are never wider than about 20 or so inches, which should be OK since some folks frame 24″ OC.  Any thoughts on this?  It appears there should be more framing under things like the shower in other people’s plans.

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Floor Framing

This is the framing for the floor. It is created here with true rough cut 2 x 4’s and not milled, planed, dimensional 2×4’s (1.5 x 3.5’s). Anyway, it’s my first real attempt at Google Sketchup, and I think it went pretty well. Still a lot to learn.

The dark lines are where the floor sheathing plywood would hit every 4 feet.    The studs are 16″ OC usually, except the one in the middle is like 21″ or something.  It’s just so that it hits the sheathing, which is a good thing.

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