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Trailer has been trailed and dropped.

The trailer was dropped off yesterday.  It’s an old RV trailer without an RV, which is really convenient for me.

The trailer “cost” $350 on paper.  The coupler needed to be added and a new jack, too.  The coupler and the jack were $30 each, and to put them both on it cost another $112.50.  To have it hauled by, essentially, a tow truck about 35 miles was $157.50 ($90/hour).  Doing it this way I didnt need to get a Bill of Sale or register it or get the brakes checked out or lights put on it, but I will have to do that eventually so I think I just wasted a bit of money.  I had ~$3000 budgeted for the trailer, so either way I saved, but if I had known I would have done a little more and paid the costs that I’ll end up paying soon.  In total, the trailer set me back $704.58.



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