SketchUp Files

In the spirit of knowing that information gets better with use, and that it would be economically unfair (I would be making unearned profit) to sell these files, they will be here, free to download.  I am a total amateur, and am figuring out both SketchUp and Tiny House Building as I go along–hopefully this helps others who want to start a similar project.  Since WordPress doesn’t allow SketchUp files to be uploaded and linked to on their server and used in the blog, I used to upload the files, and have them linked here to download.

Floor Framing (true 2 x 4’s in the title means 1.5 x 3.5’s)

South Wall UPDATED 05/22/2010

If you have any problems downloading these, or if they are not the right files, just leave a comment here and I can fix it.  Thanks.


2 responses to “SketchUp Files

  1. Rain Barrel Guy

    I apologize for the late reply – I inadvertantly deleted your email and didn’t realize it until I went to reply. Oops. Luckily, though, I found your blog and can now respond. I do not want to reveal my source for the barrels since I am not the only one taking advantage of the source and the other guy who uses this same source makes his living reusing the barrels (I don’t want to encroach any further on his turf – I’m just doing this short term to fund a project I am working on). I wish I had more to offer you. Good luck in your search and also with your tiny house project.

    • Thanks anyway! I did find some cheap ones through the Winooski Natural Resources Council for $25 bucks each–outfitted with spigots and all. A great, great find!

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