Running Cost(s)

Item Quantity Cost Total Cost Breakdown Grand, Running Total
Trailer 1 $704.58 $704.58 Trailer-$350 + tax; Coupler-$30; Jack-$30; Install-$112.50; Delivery (1.75 hours at $90/hour)-$157.50 $704.58
Door 1 $25 $25 Just a door with a window.  It’s made of wood and glass. $729.58
Fiberglass insulation a bunch free free Bags from generous neighbors. $729.58
Barn board siding Many, or a bunch Free! Free! Dave’s parents’ barn has some nice barnboard for the siding of the house, its nice and old looking $729.58
Dimensional Lumber 24 $.20/foot $38.30 Lumber from ReBUILD in Burlington.  Will proabably end up getting as much of my lumber as possible from them, just have to dig through it all. $767.88
Dimensional Lumber 140 total Varies $414.32 Rice Lumber Yard, a local lumber yard has cheaper, locally milled wood, from VT trees. Much MUCH better quality than ReBUILD and worth the extra moneyBreakdown:
90 2x4x8’s20 2x4x10’s

30 2x4x12’s

Sink 1 Free Free Thanks to Mrs. Mellen $1182.20
Water Crock 2 Free Free Thanks to Mom and Meg $1182.20
Floor Insulation 10 5×2″=$127.26 5×1″=$57.90 $185.16 5 Pieces of 2″ and 5 pieces of 1″ $1367.36
Materials to bolt floor to trailer 31 1/2″ diam. 12″ long steel/wood bit, 1/2 in steel bolts, nuts, 3/8 in zinc bolts, nuts $45.01 5 Pieces of 2″ and 5 pieces of 1″ $1412.37
Nails 30lbs $38.97 30 lbs of 8D Coated Nails $1451.34
Stove 3 burner RV stove $200 $200 A stove salvaged from a totaled RV (tree fell on the RV) $1651.34
Mini Fridge 1 Thanks to Mrs. Logue (and Connor, too. Connor-you left a hot pocket in the freezer) $1651.34
Spray Foam Insulation 1 $1050 Building Energy.  Great company, great work. $2701.34

2 responses to “Running Cost(s)

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  2. Mom

    Don’t forget fridge donation from Mrs. Logue. xo

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