So our house sitting gig is almost up and grad school is almost over and rent is annoying and debt stinks.   So, I’m going to build a tiny house.  I have it quoted at about $12,000 right now, but have already saved over $2000 from that figure (just on the trailer alone).  Hopefully with the help of craigslist (and Google Reader) and my friends and neighbors (and this blog) I can slim that price down even further.  It would be really great to get it under $8000, which is an achievable goal.

I’ll be blogging here on the status of the tiny house/microhouse that I’ll be building.  I’m trying to combine a few different aesthetics and functions, while using as much free stuff as I can.  Also, plans are expensive so I only bought one $10 set, instead of the ~$800 set from Tumbleweed.  Tumbleweed houses are mighty nice looking though.

The final design will be barn-influenced on the outside.  This is Vermont, after all.  The floor plan will mimic that of the Fencl house from Tumbleweed with a loft for sleeping and a storage loft above the door.  The bathroom/showerroom will be as small as possible, a la the bathroom in Jay Shafer’s house.  Having enough space to prepare good food is really one of the goals here, and will be a challenge for sure.  I think grilling food will be a large part of the tiny house lifestyle, even in the winter.  Though, if the right size oven/stove combination comes down the pike, cooking indoors could remain enjoyable even in such a small space.  Also, a couch is mandatory.

Eventually, solar and/or wind will come into the picture.  That’s what the batteries on the wish list are for.  I would really love to have some degree of power by the fall, even if it only charges cell phones, and other minor appliances.  A fridge would be great in the summer, but my brother is taking a root cellar building course, and if meat is a minimal part of the diet, then a fridge is not a mandatory amenity.  Internet, you ask?  Who knows.  It might be nice not to use it as much as I already do.


9 responses to “About

  1. doc

    bro, your gonna live in there?

  2. Brian Connell


  3. NR

    Daniel: Are you going to take your TinyHouse on Phish Tour this summer?

  4. Jonathan Leonard

    Do IT! Cool project.

  5. Brian Maloney

    Dan, this is totally awesome. Good luck.

  6. Dan,

    Good luck with this project. Very cool!

    Dan J.

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