I try to build a house (but then I tear the place apart).

So, welcome back.  I’ve made some progress with the help of my brother, father, and friends, and now have a four-walled house.  This part needed hands, and everyone be workin’ so it was hard to coordinate getting people over to the barn to help out.  Inevitably, it happened.  Walls were glued and screwed onto the framing.  Now the beast is pretty sturdy, which I like.  I’ll now take you on a tour.  Let us begin:

This is the east wall.  The little window is so that I can hopefully see the sun when it rises.  It opens into the loft and will also help with ventilation/cross breezin’.  There will be more windows eventually here but the ones I have dont really fit.  I need smaller ones.  Also, I’m going to be doing what a lot of other folks have done and put a “shed” on this side of the house to keep the propane tanks and solar batteries, which will take up some space on the wall.  Once I have that on I can pursue window installation.  But I’m not rushed here.

South wall picture number one.  The little openings are for little windows that I picked up about a month or so ago, and the big opening is for the converted sliders that I’ll put in like french doors.  I hope to make a porch on this side of the house, so that I can open the sliders out into a nice space to expand the living area of the house, at least for 3 seasons.

South wall picture two.  These are two of the smaller windows that go into the space where the couch/living room/wood stove will be.

South wall picture three.  The slider and windows.

The west slide of the slider and the window that will go into the bathroom.

Looking east onto the south wall.

The west wall.  That is the door.  But you already knew that.  I’d like to throw some other windows onto this wall but I dont know if it’s necessary or if it would even work.  Once you walk through this door, to the right is the eight square foot bathroom/shower and to the left I’d like some really solid shelving/coat hanging/maybe a little seat to take yer boots off in the winter.  Maybe a window above the door?  That can happen later, though so I ain’t gonna get dealin’ with it quite yet.

North wall.  Those two windows will be above the kitchen counter/sink area.  They’re a little low unfortunately to meet my eye level.  Ah well.

The living room.  To the right will be the couch, which I’ll probably make.  In the back left corner there will be the wood stove.  Closest to the front of the photo (i.e. from where the photo was taken) will be the kitchen, along the left wall there.

Some perspective for the loft, east wall window and the living room area.

Again, same thing, along the north wall.

This is where the bathroom will be.  In that back corner there.  The shower will be epic, but I will post on that later.  It involves PVC pipes, a real shower head, and a bike pump.  And a buffalo.  Live or stuffed, preferably stuffed, for safety reasons, and a bucket of ice and a nine iron, too.

Again,  the loft.

Some details.  The loft is 5/8″ plywood and the sheathing is 1/2 inch.  I think the wood is fir.  The guy at the lumber yard said it was better.  Note: the plywood cost MORE than the framing wood.  Did not see that coming.  So it goes.

Next, the house wrap…



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6 responses to “I try to build a house (but then I tear the place apart).

  1. Ashleigh

    So nice to see it shaping up! Lovely.

  2. Dave

    The pics of the loft and north wall are great. Under the loft especially looks like it will be a real warm space with the two windows there.

  3. lizzygannon

    let’s see some tyvek!

    is it just me or does the suggestion of making one’s own couch sound more daunting than cutting a window beside the front door?

  4. et

    Where does the tearing apart come in?

    You have lots of ideas that few tiny house builders consider but that I would like to include – wood stove, place to hang coats & take off muddy boots, simple shed roof. It looks like you are planning to really live in your house not just camp in a mild climate.

    Will be following your updates with interest.

    • It’s a song lyric, as are most of my post titles, that’s all.

      I do plan on living in this thing, thanks for your comment. It’s been a fun voyage, now I’m trying to figure out how to get this stove/oven I bought to work. hmm.

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