Make me a pallet on your floor

So I made an “outdoor kitchen” out of some pallets and my sink.  I wanted an outdoor space for when the house is in place, so this seemed like the perfect time to put it together.  It beautifully comes all apart as it is stacked up with the sink sitting in 2 modified pallets so that it rests flat.  Using rain water in the crock saves on the use of drinking water…  It’s held together by two 2 x 4’s on the back keeping the back pallet vertical and I’m going to put some bar racks to hang things to dry.  I was really psyched to get this done–it was one of those things that you envision and then it actually works and takes 20 minutes to put together.  Love that, however rare it is.

We got some sheathing up, which definitely takes more than one person to do, so I’ll probably have to wait until after this weekend to get the rest of it done.  I’m using the glue and screw method, which is much more expensive than using nails, but it adds such a level of structural integrity that it’s worth it.  You really feel the difference once you start to secure the sheathing in the sturdiness of the whole building.  The windows are still just very rough openings as you can see, because I need a longer sawzall blade to make the openings flush with the 2×4’s since I dont have casings around my windows, I’m just gonna fit them into the rough opening.

Also–I’ve decided on spray foam insulation for all of the obvious reasons and my studs are not 16″ OC anyway, which would just suck with fiberglass.

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4 responses to “Make me a pallet on your floor

  1. Meg Berlin

    Dan…we should figure out a way to get you onto my internet wireless. You aren’t that far, are you? Is it encrypted and that is why you can’t tag along?

    • I think I’m just too far out of range… I looked up range expanders online and they are really for far-reaching corners of a building, not so much the 100+ yards to the barn… Maybe there are solutions out there that I dont know of though?

      • Meg Berlin

        Ummm… I wonder if I should call whoever it is I get phone service from….oh, yeah..Champlain Valley Telecom…and ask them if I can get some sort of extension on wireless service for the office in my barn….? Does that make sense?Or am I sounding ignorant of the technology here?
        Chances are good….

  2. Bill

    you could get an ethernet cable (up to 300 feet) and use it to connect randomly..
    I have seen them online for $17.00… roll it up when not used.. unroll when needed.. painful? yeah.. but it would work…..

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