Followed the lines going south – UPDATE

So, I’m somewhat embarrassed by my last attempt to draw up plans for the south wall for two reasons:

  1. I didn’t have all of my windows nor did I really think about where they might go, along with the balance of the wall
  2. It is very under-informing.

I made a new one today, once I ripped all of the windows out of the old boat on the property.  They’re all in surprisingly good shape, all they need is some sanding and staining.  They have these great brass fixture hinges that I cant wait to polish up and put in.

Not only did I discover the “dimensions” tool on SketchUp, I figured I could color-code the lumber so that I could count out how many I would need for each wall.  The blue are 12′, green are 10′, and orange is 8′.  Doing it this way makes you sure that you can use one long piece for two short ones (i.e. using one 12′ piece for two cuts that are less than 6′), thus saving you money (bigger boards are cheaper by the foot than shorter ones).  It’s worth the time, and it’s like a puzzle, a good doable challenge.

Click on the image below to see it enlarged, or go to the SketchUp Files page to download it.


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