…tilt my frame

The floor is framed out.  Mike came over after work yesterday and helped me finish it up.  This is a view looking down onto the floor from the loft in the barn.  Below is the shot looking out the window of the barn over the lake (if you click on the photo you’ll get a bigger, better photo).  Prettttty good.

The framing lined up nicely with all of the anchor spots on the outside of the trailer.  It’s an awesome feeling when your plans (however much modified as you go along) match up with reality when you finally lift the framing into place.  Now to do the insulation and floorboards today (hopefully) and then move onto the wall framing.

Also–check out this tiny house.  It’s 19′ 8″  long and 8’2″ wide, so it’s just a little bit bigger than this one, but it’s only 12′ 7″  tall, so we will have a few more inches of head room.  Anyway, its a really great design (I like the bathroom under the stairs, and the fact that there are stairs at all so Wyatt can sleep “upstairs”).  The upper loft is super impressive, and the whole usage of space is great.  I think I’ll re-influence my design with this in mind:



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  1. Dave

    The house is coming along great, Dan! I look forward to getting back to work on it when I get back to Vermont! I just sent you a couple photos of some nice Microhouse’s I saw while here on Saltspring. The loft system on one of them was really superbly done.

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