Shocks my brain

Rusty and Dave came over on Saturday to help out getting part of the floor framed.  I realized on Saturday morning after we went to the bike swap and Rusty picked up a batmobile that while I know how to put most of these pieces of wood together correctly, I’d never actually bought all the stuff needed to build–my bosses always did that, and I never paid much mind to it all since we used nail guns.

Since I dont have a nail gun, we bought some 8 gauge 2 1/2″ coated nails and a framing hammer, at Mike’s request (which was a great call, those hammers make a HUGE difference when you want to just wail on a nail and get it in with 4 hits).  All the wood we used was from my first pickup at ReBUILD, so it’s all recycled so far.  We’ll see how much more I can get, but when we stopped by there twice last week, we found nothing in the way of quality 2 x 4’s…

Anyway, here are the pictures of the first part of the floor that is framed out.  This part measures 8′ wide by 8′ 10 1/8″.  The studs are close to 16″ OC but more importantly they were spaced out so that they could be anchored to the trailer.  I picked up some 1/2″ x 6″ long bolts to put through the 2 x 4’s to the trailer base, which I’ll put on once I have the floor all together and insulated.

I’m not putting the aluminum flashing on the bottom right away like all the other models due to the fact that I want the floor to “breathe” out of the bottomside.  I can always put the flashing on the bottom side of the trailer if I decide to take in on the road, but Charlie told me it shouldn’t be an issue to just use plywood on the bottom.  And Charlie is very wise.

So this floor will have a 3/8″ plywood bottom, 2″ polystyrene insulation with sprayfoam to seal the cracks, and then a 4mil plastic membrane to keep the vapor down.  I have to run down to southern Vermont to get my flooring, which will be hemlock floorboards.  I dont know if I will put on a true floor or if I will just sand down the hemlock til it is smooth.  Anyway, stay tuned.  And if anyone has anything to contribute re: the aluminum flashing omission I’d be curious to hear what your thoughts are.  Not convinced that the way I’m doing it is the most genius, but I think for what I need (not a lot of traveling with the house, dont want moisture buildup) it is the most minimal and cheap (while not cutting corners).



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2 responses to “Shocks my brain

  1. Uncle Tim

    Looking good Dan! All the best. Hope to see you soon. Love.

  2. Reese

    Batmobile + barn time in Charlotte + small smarthousebuilding = Life and How to Live It, sez me. Carry on.

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