Deduct the carrots from your pay…

So all the stuff is moved into the barn, and construction is slated to begin this weekend.  Unfortunately, the guy at ReBUILD totally flaked on me and never cut my stuff, nor did he call to let me know about it.  Called him today–about 3 weeks after he told me he could–and he just said “ehh not going to be able to do that.”  Disappointing.  Maybe I should have been on him more about it, but ah well.  I’m going to head down there later to sift through some material, though.  Back to Plan A, I guess.

On a positive note: the barn is great and full of materials and potential.  Even though the snow was falling outside (yes, in late April), the barn was dry and warm…

Going to have to clear some space and get organized with some help this weekend from my friend Blind Faith, and other, human friends, we might actually get something done!  OMG!



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2 responses to “Deduct the carrots from your pay…

  1. Jack Frost

    worthless swampy fool…

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