Just because I’m not building doesn’t mean I can’t share smart things.

Something I came across while researching for my thesis.  I was searching for stuff related to the Jevons Paradox and this researcher nails it on the head about society’s visions and tendencies, fashion is one of many facets that can be inserted below:

“…, we must also get rid of fashion, of ‘that disease of the human mind,’ as Abbot Fernando Galliani characterized it in his celebrated Della moneta (1750).  It is indeed a disease of the mind to throw away a coat or a piece of furniture while it can still perform its specific service.  To get a ‘new’ car every year and to refashion the house every other is a bioeconomic crime.  Other writers have already proposed that goods be manufactured in such a way as to be more durable … .  But it is even more important that consumers should reeducate themselves to despise fashion.  Manufacturers will then have to focus on durability.” Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, 1975


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One response to “Just because I’m not building doesn’t mean I can’t share smart things.

  1. Reese

    Critiques of “fashion-affliction” starting in 1750, and we’re still singing this song. People are more interesting than anyone. Excellent pull quote: of course, that we’ve built the economy we swim in on endless consumerism (and war) and that we’re now scrabbling around to figure out What (so many) People ARE For suggests that this critique remains overdue. Don’t most people wonder why things are better made/eternally repairable, as you HAVE to get rid of yr old Corolla, which is still running well, but the whole rear end has rotted off? Nevermind tossing out pens, plastic bags, the entire existence of straws. We are in no ways very different than bowerbirds – we just have a much bigger impact. Ah, weeds….

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