/blahg 1.0

So, this Tiny House/Microhouse/House on wheels/Trailer/RV is awesome.  I’m consumed by it, I love learning about what everyone else out there is doing with their houses, what materials they used, what their methods were, etc.  I cant stop talking about it, to the point where most of my friends that I see daily/weekly are sick of it-or are at least getting there.  Anyway, I need to finish my thesis.  So I wont be blogging for a few weeks, maybe a month or two.

The materials will be moved to a barn in which the Microhouse will be built probably the weekend after next (which would be April 24th), and ReBUILD should have my lumber order ready by then.  Maybe some days or weekends after that we can get some progress going, so stay tuned.  If anything happens, it’ll be posted here.

Also, I’d love to name the Microhouse with a proper name.  In the meantime, post some names in the comments.  Note that more consideration will go to those names that connect with musical tastes of mine (connections to those musicians’ names that rhyme with dish, and/or slob billin will garner extra attention).

Until next time.




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4 responses to “/blahg 1.0

  1. lar

    how about: the grateful shed?

  2. Mom

    very good, lar!!!

  3. Dad/JSK

    How about Green and Goin’ Mobile (a la The Who)?

  4. Andrew

    The Wedge!

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