When I paint my masterpiece

Rusty and Mike came over this weekend to help sand and paint the trailer, and then drink beer and eat dinner.  We absolutely killed it.  One cord-ed drill and two cordless ones (which were barely helpful, but worth having around since we had no other plug-in drills) with wire bits on the end.Wire

These wire cup brushes are the best for something like this.  We tried the other ones that are just flat discs with the wires radiating out from the center, and they’re just not as bomber.  We sanded all the crap off of the trailer, then painted it with Rustoleum to seal off the steel from the aluminum flashing that will be on the bottom of the floor framing.  So this Saturday, the trailer went from this:

Trailer 1

To this:

Prettttty, preettttty, prettty, prettttty good.



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4 responses to “When I paint my masterpiece

  1. Ashleigh

    It looks slammin’! (… in addition to looking pretty good, I mean)

  2. Grant Wagner

    That is one heck of a transformation. Congrads.

  3. Uncle Tim

    Nice work guys. Jammin’ tunes on the video…

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