A nearby pile of lumber. (Updated)

So I got the last of the lumber from Dave’s parents’ barn with Rusty and we found some great rough cut lumber (a funky example in the top two photos here).  It looks like we have enough for siding for about 1/2 of the house, maybe the big wall and the two side walls (at the front and back of the house).

This morning, Kristen and I also found some boat windows from an old dismantled boat on the land where the tiny house will end up standing.  The windows should be really great for those areas where we want to get some light and air but the space is small (like up on the loft or over the kitchen counter).  They need a little work in the way of sanding and maybe some of the wood on them, but they’re rad.  The boat also has these great brass latches that allow the window to swing open so as to not let rain in but allow for circulation.  They measure 17×24 and there are 7 of them.

Took this picture with my cell phone, so it isn’t that great but you get it.  Yesterday I went to ReBUILD in Burlington (formerly ReCycle North Building Supply Center)  and sifted through their 2×4’s.  I ended up getting 24 pieces of 8′ used-once-but-still-in-good-condition and a 10 footer that wasn’t as new, but it’ll do.  Total was $38.80, which is damn cheap for lumber (they sell it as $0.20/foot) They also threw in a pallet, which I’ll need to keep things dry and off the ground.  I figure if I get a good number of pallets, I could use them as the base for flooring for an outdoor room outside of the house.  But really I’ll just need them for storage as the materials start accumulating.  I think today I’m going to head back out to Stowe to pick up more barn boards for the siding.  It’s a nice 16 degrees right now, but going up to almost 40.  Perfect day for driving.



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4 responses to “A nearby pile of lumber. (Updated)

  1. Dave

    24 8 foot 2x4s for $40 sounds like a real good deal to me! Hope the trip out to Stowe worked out well.


  2. Uncle Tim

    Wow. Very interesting project. Love the blog. Give your uncle a call once in a while! 😉

  3. The windows are totally badical! Nice find.

  4. Great prices on the used lumber, we have nothing like that around here.

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