Breathe warm steam and hide.

I would like to live in this house in the winter, which means I would like to live in it year-round.  The winters in Vermont are colder than in, say, Florida, so you need a way to stay warm.  I’d love to burn wood in a wood burning stove to stay warm in those winter months.  There are a surprisingly high number of wood stove options that can be really cheap and probably inefficient (made for camping, ice fishing shacks, even big ol tents), or really nice and still not that expensive (Jotul sells a dope one for $700).  Marinestove makes one that’s about the same price, but is actually way more expensive and then you get a tax credit.  I have been thinking about these tax credit things, and how there is money out there for first-time homeowners and making your house really well-insulated.  What about first-time RV owners (since the Tiny House will technically be an RV once it’s registered and all)?

These camping stoves are much cheaper and I think I would get the Four Dog Stove if I went this route.



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2 responses to “Breathe warm steam and hide.

    • Yeah. He’s not all about tiny houses, even though he is the guy that everyone goes to. I think he’s kind of all over the place, but those are the types of people whose ideas end up working out. Go figure.

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