Trailer has been trailed and dropped.

The trailer was dropped off yesterday.  It’s an old RV trailer without an RV, which is really convenient for me.

The trailer “cost” $350 on paper.  The coupler needed to be added and a new jack, too.  The coupler and the jack were $30 each, and to put them both on it cost another $112.50.  To have it hauled by, essentially, a tow truck about 35 miles was $157.50 ($90/hour).  Doing it this way I didnt need to get a Bill of Sale or register it or get the brakes checked out or lights put on it, but I will have to do that eventually so I think I just wasted a bit of money.  I had ~$3000 budgeted for the trailer, so either way I saved, but if I had known I would have done a little more and paid the costs that I’ll end up paying soon.  In total, the trailer set me back $704.58.



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5 responses to “Trailer has been trailed and dropped.

  1. j5

    why dont you just throw a mattress on the trailer and boom there you go.

  2. Carolyn MVaussies

    Been looking at gutting an old travel trailer myself. Would get to “see” take photos on how to hook things back up too) Just what are the axles rated on yours? I have looked at one here for sale, & the axles looked a little wimpy. 93 Mallard 24′. Tag was all faded off?

    • These axles are rated 3500 lbs each, which should be perfect. Tumbleweed houses come in around 5500 lbs, and I think mine should be about that, or lighter. Having the 1500 lbs to work with is great, as I dont think my stuff will weigh too-too much inside, and I’ll store a lot of stuff outside too.

    • Carolyn–

      My axles are rated 3500 lbs each, according to the guy from whom I purchased the trailer. Most of the houses out there come in at under 6000 lbs so I should be OK. I wont be traveling much with mine, so I’m not too worried about my stuff weighing too much. You can always take all that stuff out before moving too. Good luck with your search. I think if youre willing to gut it yourself, you might be able to get a trailer for free! Just keep an eye on craigslist.

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